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Fire Wood

Janex Inc. Firewood Services

Central Alberta Firewood Purchasing


An Environmentally friendly operation

Wholesale bagged firewood, pallets & truckloads of paper birch and tamarack available.

Firewood sales to the public, private and commercial sectors

Available for regular delivery anywhere in Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, Lesliville, Eckville, Sylvan Lake, Caroline, Sundre, Blackfalds, Lacombe, Ponoka and all other towns surrounding greater Red Deer. We also have regular and special delivery runs to other Central Alberta locations including acreages and rural properties.

We’ll even deliver firewood to your Acreage, Cabin, Cottage or RV lot

Bagged & Bundled Firewood – Best prices in Alberta

Many sizes and varieties to choose from. Quality is exceptional. Wholesale and retail prices – ideal for Convenience stores, Campgrounds and parks. We will ship anywhere in Alberta & Western Canada by truckload


High quality split and seasoned pine, birch, larch, cedar and apple firewood available on tight stacked pallets or mesh bulk tote bags.

Firewood Delivery in Central Alberta

High Quality Wood Shavings & Chips for animal bedding (Horses, Chickens, Cattle and other livestock) or compost

We offer a high quality pine wood shavings product for animal bedding in larger bulk bags. These shavings are much more economical than smaller plastic wrapped bales. Quality is first rate with finer, softer more absorbent shavings than most other brands.

Delivery to your site is available.

Wood Fines and Wood Fibre for Oil Field Operations Drilling Fluid Additives, Drilling Mud additives

We have superb wood fibre fines ideal for use as a drilling fluid or mud additive. Economical to use plus to mix with and transport drill cuttings. Our larger sized bulk bags are much easier to transport, handle and store than bulk sawdust or compressed small plastic wrapped bales. The bulk bags are compressed and hold a substantial amount of wood fines making them much more economical in every way.

We offer delivery direct to your drilling site or operations area within Alberta & Western Canada.

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