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Real Estate

Land BankingLand banking can be organized, straightforward, and protected. If you stick to the very explanation of land banking, as the policy of purchasing pre-developed land that has a strong potential of value growth as well as land that can earn revenue while in your possession.

It is the policy of Janex Inc. to only purchase land that can be acquired with funds available today. Once in possession of the land it is the intention of Janex Inc. to utilise the resources available to sustain the value and work towards improving the value while in possession of the land acquired.

Land banking is a long-term commitment that requires adequate earnings to be self sustained for at least five, 10 years or preferably longer. Janex inc. believes in self sufficient land purchases in order to appreciate the return and profit of an investment. This makes land banking ideal for planning your retirement and creating a strong long term portfolio which is the vision of Janex Inc.

Land banking will continue to be used by Janex Inc. because it tends to be basically immune to economic ups and downs. Land has remained constant, and in most cases, is increasing in value.

Since land banking is an asset based investment it removes most risks related to real estate and property investments.

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